Jana krstevska


Currently, I am following a master’s program in Policy Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Last year I graduated from the bachelor’s program in Economics and Business Economics at Utrecht University, also in the Netherlands.
Calculus, Chemistry, and US literature mainly because of the bonds I had with the teachers.
I have always been interested in social studies and mathematics, but the teachers at ASM showed me how much patience and resilience can create substantial results. They always motivated us and pushed us to work harder even when we got good results. I chose this field in order to combine my interests and ultimately make an impact in society.
The most positive aspects were the individual approach of each teacher to a student and his/her needs. This helped us overcome various obstacles over the years as well as both academic and personal challenges.
Do not be afraid to reach for what you have your eye on, be certain that everything is possible if you truly want it and the path is hard work. At ASM you have an unique privilege to communicate with teachers intensively so I urge you to approach them with any type of question on or off the curriculum.
I was lucky enough that I did all that was possible at the time in order to get to where I am today. I do not regret anything or wish that I have done it differently, I am beyond happy with what I achieved in these 3.5 years and feel that ASM provided a proper basis for my higher education.