Spotlighting Alumni​

My name is Ana Georgieva, I am currently studying Animation at the Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences.
After graduating from ASM I did a general arts higher education program (at the same university I am currently at), which was taught in German. I found it difficult to adjust to the language but my BA tuition is in English again, so that worked out.
I find that in my time at ASM, I read a lot of books and wrote a lot of stories that helped me develop my storytelling skills – which is endlessly helpful in film school. I also appreciate the creative freedom I was allowed in the after school activities I did at ASM, such as the Halloween party and Christmas Shows. I am grateful I was given opportunities to organize and plan aesthetics and even write for school events. It helped me realize what I enjoy doing and pick a career path accordingly.
I am glad I ended up where I am, I think I’ve made a lot of right choices with the help and mentoring of ASM teachers.
I’ve finished short animations in 2D, 3D and Stop motion and done everything from concepts and storyboards to post production. Recently I’ve chosen to specialize in CG animation, which is a huge learning experience. I’ve also worked at the Ceruleum school of arts on the 50 Hours of Animation marathon (charity event), and in May of 2022 I will be selling my art at a convention in Basel.
If you are a student at ASM, my advice is to start planning your future in 10/11th grade, and really look into what you think you can do for a living. There will be something you dislike in any field – no matter what you choose, so make sure you enjoy the overall experience.And if you know you’re studying in a foreign country make sure you take a language course on time. Most importantly, research your colleges, check the program and it’s reputation.