Dea Kasami


Econometrics and Operations Research at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.
Algebra 2 and Calculus were the two subjects that I enjoyed the most during my time at ASM, and I feel that they provided a proper basis for me to be able to more easily approach the courses in my degree.
During my time at ASM, all of the teachers helped me in a way or another. The relatively small-scale education made it possible for us to have one-on-one interactions with the teachers. This helped me overcome any difficulty with the material quite quickly since the teachers were always very eager to individually approach our needs/concerns.
Harmony. To be able to create an environment that is as harmonious and nurturing in which any student regardless of their background can fit in is something that has always stood out to me regarding ASM.
It is important that the degree you choose to pursue in your further studies focuses on something that you enjoy and something you see yourself being passionate about. Additionally, make sure to spent sufficient time researching possible degrees and universities you want to attend so that you can make more informed decisions.
10!! In addition to offering excellent learning and teaching techniques, the teachers and all of the staff at ASM work hard to make the place as harmonious and nurturing for students in order for them to strive academically.