ilir saliu


I am finishing my studies on Albanian language and literature at University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje.

I believe that my professors at ASM provided adequate training and education for me to better be prepared for my studies, even though Albanian language and literature wasn’t a subject provided for study, mostly through encouragement to participate actively in class, work on interesting school projects etc.

I didn’t find it hard to meet and connect with other people. Most of the people I met at ASM were very friendly and interesting, and I, being somewhat of an extrovert myself, found it enjoyable to talk to and spend time with people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures.

I enjoyed all of the cultural celebrations held at ASM, and I loved being a part of them and giving my contribution in any way possible.
Extracurricular activities were one of the most important aspects of my education at ASM. Firstly, the celebration of international holidays and my personal help in their realization (together with other students) has greatly helped me interact and know more about a lot of cultures and has greatly affected my organizational skills. Another important activity that has helped me in improving my creative and expressive skills (which have been of great value to me as a TV host) has been the Christmas Show, that was written and organized by ASM students. I loved being part of the group and I really enjoyed our (modest) acting, the time we spent preparing, and especially the end of the celebration, where we got to enjoy all the work we did together.

But, maybe the most important activity was visiting “Ili-Ili” library towards the end of my 4th year, so I could learn the basics of dealing with books, libraries, and writing since I had made up my mind that I was going to study Albanian language & literature. This visit, organized by ASM for every student specifically, helped me better understand the world of books and what I wanted to do in my future.