Jovana Marojevikj


I study software engineering and currently I am in the last semester of my studies at the Faculty of computer science and engineering in Skopje. Additionally, I work for an IT consulting company called Polar Cape.
ASM has been an excellent starting point for my further education and career. Firstly, I had an amazing basis of knowledge in math, physics and English. In addition to that, I would like to mention the soft skills I acquired during my time at ASM such as presentation skills, speaking and expressing myself eloquently in English, and the ability to communicate and find something in common with people of such different backgrounds than me.
We had a lot of interaction between peers and teachers, and a couple of the fellow students are still some of my closest friends. The teachers have been excellent mentors that I highly respect, and they have been very helpful in every aspect of my education and whatever I needed during my years at ASM.
My favorite memory of ASM would be the field trip to Rome. However, I can not state only one so I would have to mention the ski trip to Austria, the Christmas shows and definitely the English classes.
To utilize all of their potential and everything ASM has to offer.
They will gain top-notch education that will be a great kick start of their academic careers. Regardless of what they choose to study, ASM is a great preparation for what comes next. Moreover, they would get to know people from all over the world!