Re-opening Plan

American School Macedonia

General Information

This School Re-opening Plan is aimed at American School Macedonia staff, parents and students, and provides an overview of necessary requirements that need to be taken to ensure a safe return to education for students and teachers based on the current knowledge and situation of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). The overall objective is to open the school in line with the normal start of the academic year while minimizing the risks for all parties involved and establishing and embedding new routines in the school.

Roles and Responsibilities of School Leadership Team:

1. Keep in line with the national/state governments’ protocols for school reopening;
2. Continuous assessment of the situation with Covid-19;
3. Ensure students, teachers and other staff feel safe when they return and the parents are confident in sending the students back to school.

Practical measures the school will take:

1. School operation in line with Government’s Plan and Protocols;
2. Wearing face masks;
3. Offer remote real time learning to students who are shielding and to those that have Covid-19 symptoms;
4. Drop off and Pick up – Limited to one parent per family;
5. Daily temperature checks with a thermal scanner;
6. Improved hygiene measures;
7. Enhance the cleaning regime in the school building;
8. Physical distancing measures within the classroom;
9. Physical distancing measures outside the classroom;
10. Physical Education classes;
11. After school classes;
12. Staff and students with any illness must stay home;
13. Organize school events in accordance with Covid-19 protocols;
14. Health Screening Entry Checks.