teodora spirova


I am studying Business Administration, with specialisation in Financial Management at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.
One of the most important things I learned at ASM are consistency, critical thinking, the importance of finding good sources and writing reports. The amount of studying required at universities is incomparable to high school, so it was excellent practice that we had something to work on each day (whether it was homework or an assignment). My university program puts a lot of emphasis on analysis and inference, which makes critical thinking necessary. The sourcing needed during the classes at ASM turned out to be great practice as well, since the quality of the sources used is crucial. Lastly, good writing (clear, consistent and cohesive) is always graded, and having learned how to write well makes working on reports easier.
The curriculum at ASM was excellent preparation for my studies. Economics, probability, and statistics were subjects and topics which I had already studied at ASM. That made going into the details of each subject easier. Additionally, the skills I gained at ASM (such as working with WordPress and writing) helped me get my first job.
It is difficult to think of a couple of subjects, as I enjoyed all of them. But, at ASM I learned to love and appreciate mathematics, due to the support we received from our teacher. That is one of the reasons why I am currently studying financial management. Also, I enjoyed the history classes, since I like finding trends, and discussing how different actions would have led to different outcomes.
There was plenty of personal attention, whether it was help regarding the application process or feedback for different classes.